Where is the biggest hill around here?

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Where is the biggest hill around KW area - the steepest and the longest?

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Pinnacle Drive, near Conestoga College
Lobsinger Line, near Crosshill
Erb Street from Phillipsburg to Crosshill (not steep but long-ish)
Ament Line, near Hawkesville
Greenwood Hill Rd. & Weimar Line near Wellesley
The rollers between Erbsville Rd and Bamberg
maybe Sandhills Rd. near Baden?

Nothing really mountain-ish though. Mostly good for climbing repeats.

feel free to ad to the list...

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If you aren't afraid of a bit of Dirt road, ride Wilmot Line from Erb street over to Erbsville and back.


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I find the hill on Old Mill Road/Mill Park Dr. between Mill Park Dr. and Morningview Pl. to be fairly challenging. No, that's not a typo.

Also, riding out of the Homer Watson Park parking lot on Wilson Ave. there is a very short, but very steep hill.

Galt has some decent hills too.
Blair Road/Blenheim Road heading out of town toward Roseville.
Main St. or Concession St. heading east from Ainslie St.
Kerr St. and Park Hill Rd. peak at William St. and are both pretty steep.

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For visual reference:

Here’s Hawkesville Hill.

This first picture is coming down the short, steep side.

Hawkesville 1

If I recall correctly it max’s out at ~15-18% where the last rider is in this close up shot.
Hawkesville 2

This next one is coming up from the other side. It’s longer, but not as steep. And as you can see, has two “lumps”. For Hill training, we simply go up and down both sides 10 times. Usually at the end of a 100km.
Hawkesville 3

Adam’s suggestion of Wilmot line is an excellent one. I run the entire distance of Wilmot line every Sunday morning. It’s a killer. “Horror Hill” as it’s called comes at the 20km mark of the 27km running route, followed by 4 more up to radio tower hill.

I very coincidentally took a picture of the hill last Saturday during the annual 15km Horror Hill country road run race. See below (note the water station for the runners on the left). I believe my GPS says 16% at the steep part.


…and looking down (note the police car at the bottom pacing the lead runners up the hill).

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Hi :)

I'd like to try the Hawkesville Hill and the Horror Hill roads. Where are they and what is the best way to get there? Anyone have the GPS crds? Thanks :) JCI!!!


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Horror hill is a long Wilmot Line Between Erb's road and Erbsville (Wilmot Line turns into Kressler Rd in Erbsville)


Hawksville Hill is a long Ament Line


Have Fun, I think its cheating if you use a Mountain bike with a triple though!


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Thanks Adam!
Ha ha... I used to ride my 32 lb Hardtail to Wellesley and back and around in that area... not as easy as you'd think :) No, not riding my MTB on paved roads anymore :) Just picked up a new roadbike recently and itching to try some challenging hills :) I may have already been on those... will know soon enough :) Thanks again :) Just Crank It!!!

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All great suggestions... and all roads I ride... although I think someone mentioned an incorrect one... as Erb's road doesn't go towards Crosshill.

Erb's Road from Phillipsburg EAST towards St. Agatha, that's a good climb... about 2 km with an average of 3%.

Some more of my regulars:
Hessen Strasse... from Hutchison (Crosshill highway) towards Moser Young (Bamberg road)... has some good climbs on it.
Lobsinger Line ... (road between Crosshill and St Clements)... the first climb is a good one and has decent pavement and bike lanes (busy road though).

For short sharp climbs and LOTS of them... and once they get the paving/widening done... I would recommend Trussler Road. I use this on Sunday mornings to minimize the traffic and you can go as far South as Paris. The hill from Greenwood, south towards Ayr, is a bitch in either direction, but that's what you're looking for.

Another one that doesn't get ridden much... Wolverton hill. South of Washington on Oxford Rd 3, 1 km south of the 401 overpass, turn left onto Twp Rd 8. The hill is about 2 km down the road and heads down to the river. This is a good test of climbing... not long but steep.

Since you're willing to ride long distances (you ARE, aren't you?? ;) )... then the Embro Road has a couple nasty little climbs on it. The road runs between Stratford and Woodstock... going thru the little town of Embro. If you head west out of Drumbo, across the 401... thru Innerkip, past Hwy 59, you will find Line 37 (Embro Rd), just South of Embro. Head north on this road and enjoy some rolling road, with a couple big hills on it.

There are a number of hills in Paris climbing in and out of the river valley as well.

Those are some of the hidden gems I have discovered in my riding... of course if you want longer/steeper hills, then head over to Milton and ride Rattlesnake. Steeles, Appleby, Bell School, 14th and 6th Line's are all good climbs.

Have fun climbing!

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Alain, I like those illustrative pictures. Do you REALLY ride up and down the hill 10 times AFTER a 100km ride?


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Thanks everyone for suggestions. I tried Trussler, Wilmot line, and Pinnacle Drive hills this weekend. Going to out to Erb, and Ament line next weekned...
I will have long winter to discover all of them.