Looking for volunteers for TriGator Kids Triathlon -- Elmira, Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Paul.Helsby@TriGator4kids.com or Vicki.Gohl@TriGator4kids.com

This is the inaugural year and they are looking for more volunteers because of the overwhelming demand (registration is full!). If you have the time, please consider helping develop the next generation of local triathlon!

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Thanks so much!

That was a great race. Both my kids participated on Saturday.

Looks like the usual suspects were behind organizing the event. See below. I've cycled with Dave and Bruce before. Jeff is my swim coach. I coached Shannon's daughter for basketball this year. I raced the inaugural IM 70.3 in Musoka with Vicki. Mark Byerley was the bike course "leader". Thanks you guys.

My daughter and Chris K's daughter ran it out for 2nd and 3rd place in the 8-9 year old division.

Other than the home stretch sprint, there was no timing, no compeitition. Just alot of fun.

Well Done !!!

David Bedrosian - David.Bedrosian@TriGator4kids.com
Bruce Grant - Bruce.Grant@TriGator4kids.com
Kim Fabian - Kim.Fabian@TriGator4kids.com
Steve Stecho - Steve.Stecho@TriGator4kids.com
Jeff Slater - Jeff.Slater@TriGator4kids.com
Vicki Gohl - Vicki.Gohl@TriGator4kids.com
Shannon McTaggart - Shannon.McTaggart@TriGator4kids.com